Dental Membership

Pooled Resources

Pooled buying power is just the start of the power of our business model. There are so many facets to running a dental practice well, that we seek for this resource to play a part in all of those aspects.

Membership means you’ve joined a network of professionals who represent a large resource in their own right.

Training courses, education and conferences

We have developed an educational arm aimed at providing CPD-accredited training, providing enhanced product knowledge – and we regularly organise conferences and hands on training – events relevant to our members.

Investment opportunities

As an organisation we will always explore investment opportunities that are of benefit to the membership.

Free Price Comparison

If you are thinking of joining the Dental Professionals Limited but are still not sure, why not ask us to provide a price comparison for you.

Step 1:   Send us a copy of recent invoices (5 is a nice number!)
Step 2:   We will check against our prices
Step 3:   We will tell how much you can save by joining the Dental Professionals Limited

Where we are not able to provide a comparison, e.g. due to difference in brands, we will provide the next best alternative.

Email your invoices to or alternatively you can fax them to 01256 329921.